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Are you an Expat looking for a Psychologist or Therapist in Eindhoven?
My name is Ineke van Gent. You can contact me for English speaking therapy and coaching for expats.

Expat coaching

Types of issues

I am experienced in working with clients on a wide range of issues, including:

✓ Anxiety and fear
✓ Burnout and stress
✓ Eating disorders

✓ Insecurity
✓ Jealousy
✓ Low self-esteem

✓ Loss and bereavement
✓ Relationship and marriage issues
✓ Sleep problems

Do you have questions? Feel free to contact me.

Ineke van Gent

More about:

English speaking therapy

English speaking therapy

You can contact me for therapy, coaching and relationship counselling.

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    Psycholoog Ineke
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    Al vanaf het eerste moment voelde ik me op mijn plek bij Ineke ...

    Psycholoog Emma
    psycholoog eindhoven Psycholoog Eindhoven
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    Ik ben aangesloten bij:

    psycholoog eindhoven Psycholoog Eindhoven
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